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Four MORE years!

posted May 3, 2012, 9:18 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated May 3, 2012, 11:12 AM ]
By Peppy Bristlebrush  

It’s almost friday again.. Green Dragon Friday! The first one in the fifth year of it’s existence.

Last week and the week before that, we saw the celebration of four years of friday evening gatherings in Bywater, in the now well-known inn called the Green Dragon. At first, the gatherings were much smaller. The dear old folk, like Miss Saphyre, Master Jimothy, Miss Nannie and Master Matzo may still remember that. A hobbit who is now regrettably rarely seen anymore, Miss Lothilia, started to entertain an ever growing group of regular visitors.

But it has always been an open event, not a pre-planned show, meaning that anyone who wants can sing a song, recite a poem or story or play some dance music for the entertainment of the gathered hobbits. Many young, fresh talents have made their debut on the rug of the Green Dragon!
Like Miss Lothilia Featherfoot before her, it is now Miss Lina Willowwood who is acting as a master of ceremonies. It is her voluntary task to keep things in check, if needed. Aspiring performers whisper their plans in her ears. She nods and makes sure they are announced when it is time for them to do their thing. Announcements of another kind, the weekly roundup of the News of the Shire, are also made or introduced by Miss Lina.

And ofcourse she is an accomplished luteplayer and songwriter too and plays, among other things, the ever popular hopping dance, to which the hobbits bounce up and down. An exhausting affair, but all give their utmost and enjoy it to no end. Luckily, Miss Lina knows it is quite taxing for round-bellied hobbits, who have just eaten at least three slices of delicious pie,  and slows the pace down a few times to let the dancers catch their breath.

It would be impossible to list all hobbits here that bring entertainment on a regular basis, There are so many and all are equally appreciated. One name should be mentioned in particular though: Master Simbo Rumblebelly. His often, if not always, witty and sometimes epic poems have at many occasions brought joy to the visitors of Green Dragon Fridays. He also gave poetry classes and introduced, taught and promoted the art of synchronised dancing, a great way to avoid stepping on your neighbour’s feet or bumping against nearby hobbits in the ever increasing crowd that visits the Green Dragon Fridays these days. But besides that, it is great fun and a lovely sight to see many dancers move at the same time.
To celebrate four years of Green Dragon Friday delight, two parties were held. The first of these, the warming-up party, was Riddle Night and Band Night. Not on Methel stage, like the year before (Methel stage was taken up by another anniversary celebration), but inside the familiar surroundings of the Green Dragon itself.

The riddles wetted everyone’s appetite for the first ever Shire Riddle Run, organised by Miss Carme, which was held in the week between the two parties. Many bands performed on Band Night night and there was dancing and riddling to everyone’s taste. The Bramblebury Band (who wore very mouthwatering hats for the occasion) performed a song dedicated to Green Dragon Friday and the phrase “Yes, it is Green Dragon Friday!” was loudly sung by many of the audience.

The second celebratory night was Competition Night! There was a pie-baking competition and an arts competition. The pie-baking competition had six competitors trying for the honour of being named best pie-baking hobbit of the Shire. It was Miss Akelay who triumphed, with a pie whose main ingredient was, of course, catfish!

We can’t include samples of the pies anymore (they have somehow all disappeared), but the entries to the art’s competition can still be admired here.

Comparing apples and pears, or even pies and biscuits, is an impossible task. So the entries for the Arts competition were divided into graphic arts and literary arts. Prizes were awarded to both makers of the two paintings, Miss Mebenca and Master Boncadoc. Three poems and one song competed for the literary arts reward. The jurors had a hard time deciding, but in the end they gave each a wonderful, impressive robe to Master Simbo for his poem simply called “Green” and to Master Peppy for the above mentioned Green Dragon song.

Both parties ended with a gargantuan fireworks display, the sounds and flashes of which must have been audible and visible even across the Brandywine! The vicinity of Master Gandalf must have had something to do with this, just like Master Tallic's poem suggested. A fiery dragon (was it a green one?) swooping over the spectators is certainly his trademark, as some well remember from Master Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday party.

Looking ahead now, Green Dragon Friday will be there in the future as well, moving towards it’s fifth anniversary now. As long as there are hobbits there will be parties, weekly parties in one of the best inns of the Shire (at least, so claims it’s innkeeper). With Master Barmy as our host and Miss Lina coordinating the events and hobbits from all around playing, dancing and contributing in many ways, there is a good chance of us seeing four MORE years of Green Dragon Friday Nights. But we don’t have to wait for four years, as each week it is just seven days at the most before the next Green Dragon Friday! Just step on the rug and join in!

Riding home after a Green Dragon Friday