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Successfull Fishing contest in Needlehole

posted Oct 4, 2010, 1:00 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Oct 4, 2010, 1:14 AM ]
A report by Adalbard Oakleaf.

Sunday October 3rd  there was another  fishing contest, and it gave me joy to see hobbits and elves, and men fishing side by side in this muddy swamp.

All for fun, and for the prices that were given to the winners.
Some hobbits took my advice of putting some boots on, but some Stoors and Tooks  where bold enough to go barefoot.
Fishing was hard in the swamps of Needlehole: There where lines getting tackled, boggy's  stuck in the mud, and most catches where reeds and debris. But eventually three hobbits caught the fishes I needed.

The winners are Tibba (perhaps some of you know her from the band that played on the last Green Dragon night, with her drums), Pengefinchess, a curious hobbit name, for a friendly gentle lass,
and Nimelia, a bold and lovely Hobbit.

Of course there was a small celebration, and some hungry hobbits came, not only to fill there bellies, but to get the answers of  some questions they had for me.

Townfolk from Needlehole : I heard you had an event in Hobbiton, and before that there was one in the Brandywine river. Is there a pattern?

Adalbard: Yes, there is. The fishing event travels to Ered Luin, all the way to Thorin’s Hall someday.

And some fishermen wondered if there would be a regular event. I can say: 'yes I’m making it a regular event. Each Sunday at the uneven weeks. So the next Fishing event would be on the 17th.

Many thanks for attending!

Regards, Adalbard Oakleaf.

The three winners.