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Fishing contest almost won by cat

posted Oct 19, 2010, 3:57 PM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Oct 20, 2010, 2:59 PM ]
Report of the Fishing contest on october 17th in Celondim, Ered Luin, by Adalbard Oakleaf.
We were in luck last Fishing event: clear water and almost no wind, that day.
And the fish where eager to bite. Like last time we had three rounds of fishing, and a special reward, for the unlucky fisherman who  fished most weeds out of the water.

There where some familiar faces from the People of the Shire kinship, as well as the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
and other Hobbit families as well. It was nice to see some other races took interest in our fishing, and some joined up, eventually.
Miss Firefern played some music to inspire the fishermen.
But  we had one minor problem: some of the elves from Celondim keep cats for pets.
And I can say you this: Cats and fish, its like Hobbits and PIE!
From time to time I had to scold the cat away, to make sure it did not take the fish from the lines.
Well, the winners did not bother much about the cat, and they all earned their rewards for the fishes they had to catch for me.
Tibba was one of the winners, and  she also won the Weedprice.
Maryelle also got the five fishes in a round.
And last but not least master Merebald.

The winners!