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Fifth Trout Tickle had no shortage of fish

posted Feb 11, 2019, 9:33 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Ponso Pondhopper  

The fifth Annual Trout Tickle was held, as in previous years, at Northcotton Farm in Oatbarton, thanks to the generosity of Farmer Alvin Nothcotton. This year, the pond had been dredged and fully restocked, and this was reflected in the catch numbers. Twenty-one hobbits took part, an auspicious number, of which three were beginners. A total of 717 fish were caught, of which 108 were trout, 40 were salmon, 41 were deemed good enough for trophies and 112 were other edible species (Perch and Golden Mullet).  

The species of trout caught were as follows: Brown Trout (18), Bull Trout (19), Cutthroat Trout (3), Golden Trout (10), Lake Trout (19), Rainbow Trout (6), Red-spotted Trout (25), Redband Trout (8). Miss Lina and Miss Nimelia caught nine trout each!

The prize for the most old boots caught went to Potty, with a total of nine boots caught. He walked away with a pair of Stoor Boots as his prize (but not on his feet!)

In the junior category:
3rd Miss Numrya: 13 points
2nd Miss Linsina: 20 points
1st Mister Pontin: 30 points

In the senior category:
Runners-up, each winning a commemorative rod:
Master Wiberic
Mister Deamfast
Miss Almi
Master Fidgit

3rd Miss Hollyberye: 65 points
2nd Miss Tibba: 67 points
1st Miss Harbella: 70 points

And this year’s winner of the Golden Trout Award, given to the first contestant to catch a Golden Trout is Mister Ruffin!

A very decent match with a hard-to-beat score by Miss Harbella!

The next fishing match will be held in the spring, details to be published in the future.