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Field trip: The Search for the Singing Badgers

posted Mar 4, 2011, 3:40 AM by Yola Plumblossom
By Lina Willowwood    

: Sunday March 13th, 19:30 ((servertime))    
Place: Overhill   
Guidelines: Hobbit participants much preferred. If we find any, I am sure badgers would be mighty afraid of any tall, strange-looking lankyshanks. Else, bring an open mind and a natural curiosity of the oddities of Shire wildlife. Oh, and leave your weapons at home!

Event: Legends have it that the badgers of the Shire perform a curious spring-greeting ritual each year, in memory of the strange hobbit musician Jethro. Can you imagine a group of singing musical badgers? Oh, you can? That's strange, because so far, no hobbit has ever witnessed this ritual! But that doesn't put a damper on our spirits, no no. We will go in search of the badgers, and hopefully, we will uncover the secrets of badger music!

Curious badger tracks have been found in Bindbole Wood, and many seem to congregate at... oh, well, you just have to show up in Overhill to find out! Bring sturdy clothes, but leave your weapons at home, as not to scare our musical friends of the forest! If they're even around, that is!

Badgers can be hard to spot because of their shy nature and stripy camouflage.