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Fashion exhibiton event and contest in the Shire!

posted Apr 5, 2012, 5:39 AM by Yllisa Greenflower

Falathlorn Homesteads - Written by Tanes 

Dear Hobbits,
The Eldariant Alliance is holding a fashion exhibition event and contest! I’m continually impressed by the effort players put into their cosmetic outfits, so want to celebrate such creativity!
((This is a mixed roleplay event, so all interaction in the say channel must be in-character.))
The event will take place on Saturday 14th April at 7:30PM GMT. It shall be held at the stage in Oakham, Shire Homesteads. The actual exhibition of the outfits and judging will commence at 8:00PM, please make sure you’re present for that time if you wish to enter the contest.
The contest itself will be judged by myself and other volunteers. The contest will consist of the following categories:
Finest-Dressed Individual (Contestants entering on their own only.)
Finest-Dressed Couple (Don’t have to be romantically linked! Can be friends, siblings etc.)
Most Peculiar Outfit (The person wearing the strangest outfit wins!)
Extreme Eyesore (The absolute worst-dressed of the day. A booby prize can be won!)
Eldariant Fashion Champion (Overall winner chosen from winners in all categories.)
There will be wonderful prizes for the winners and runners up and there will be some music and dancing after the contest.
For more information, please contact me, lady Tanes, by letter.