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posted May 11, 2013, 8:06 AM by Bovso Oakengates
Bramblebury - Yllisa Noakes-Greenflower

Hi dear shire folk,

Its getting warmer and warmer outside, the plants are growing and the animals are getting big. 
Loimos and I cannot eat all the veggies and meat. We would be the fattest hobbits in the Shire. 

So we ask you, our friends, to help us eat it all! 

What?: Food, music and dancing, more food and looking around at the farm. 
Where?: Oakham - 5 Harrow Road 
When?: Next Thursday (16th) at 20:00 PM UK 

P.S. Don't eat all the pork, or you will have an angry Tibba chasing you. 

Yllisa Noakes-Greenflower
Loimos Noakes