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[EVENT] The Shire Riddle Run, part 2!

posted Apr 27, 2012, 4:43 AM by Bovso Oakengates   [ updated Apr 27, 2012, 4:46 AM ]
Due to the great success of the first Shire Riddle Run, we have decided to run a second game two weeks after the first, on Monday May 7! 

Please make note of some changed details below - team size is restricted to three players this time, and I would prefer early signups to make management easier.

Date:        May 7th, 2012

Time:        19:30 British Time 

Location:    The Mathom House

Event details:

This is a treasure-hunt type of game. Teams will gather at the Mathom House in Michel Delving for the start signal.

  • Hobbits can start alone or in teams, but teams of a maximum of three (3) people are recommended (the riddles are easier to crack in a team!)
  • Each team will be given the same riddles to solve, all of which point to spots in the Shire.There will be more spots this time to make the race longer.
  • The teams then run to these spots, where a Hobbit volunteer will give them an item to collect. The spots do NOT need to be taken in order.
  • After the team has found all spots, it then needs to find the last spot, where the finish line will be.
  • The first team (or first three players) to find all spots and hand the items in to Carme at the last spot win awesome prizes!

There might also be extra prizes for best-coordinated team (matching mounts counts!), team spirit and other things!

OOC details:

Hobbits are preferred but all other shapes and sizes are welcome too - just prepare to be out-smarted by the locals!

Early signups are preferred in case the interest is too great. Send your team setup in an in-game mail to Carme as soon as possible.

The starting signal will be given about half an hour after start of the event to allow the teams to gather/announce themselves (we are keeping a list!) and the rules and riddles to be announced. Start of the race itself will be about 20:00BST/21CEST.
The run itself will last for one hour, after which the end point of the race will be announced in /Regional to call in all the teams. If no team has found all spots until then, the teams with the most mathoms win.

Mounts/pony travel, run speed buffs, talk between teams and any other methods of cheating are ALLOWED! As is giving out false hints - so watch out you Hobbits :)
The only thing we frown upon is giving out answers to the riddles in public channels or /say. This will earn your team a disqualification and we DO have backup riddle points...