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Deputy Mayor "missing"

posted Sep 17, 2011, 9:49 AM by Dyronbrand Stepwise
The following is reported by Eronbrand Stepwise
Byronbrand Stepwise our eldest brother, head of Stepwise Manor and Deputy Mayor of Bramblebury is missing! He was last seen by myself, while leaving his cottage on the 1st of June.
Or at least I think it was that date... unfortunately my glasses have gone missing for some while now. In fact, I only discovered his absence last week when a Brambleburian resident visited our cottage to deliver her pie tax. She pointed out to me that indeed Byronbrand was noted by his absence. I negated her assertion by presenting Byron to her - as then she chirpy pointed out I was looking at our Man size mirror and my reflection in it; rather than the actual person in question. So theoretically he could be absent before of after June, but not earlier than a year ago or later than next week.
I ask everyone to keep a look out for Byron. I included this sketch I made of him; Dyronbrand tells me it is a perfect likeness.  Please report any sightings by mail to yours truly.
A warm thank you !

Postscript by Dyronbrand Stepwise
Note that I feel there is no need for alarm. Probably Byronbrand is just having a holiday, or more likely crossed the borders to avoid having to face the Mayor's inquiries about his spending habits regarding public goods and finances. But of course that is just hear say and we should not mention any rumors without firm evidence to back them up with.

In order not to burden our bounders and sheriffs with what has probably nothing to do with faul play, I have charged my own brother Eronbrand to take charge of the search. In my opinion there is no other person more suitable, as he is an astute observer of detail.
As for the legalities regarding a prolonged absence... Mayor Whitefoot ensures me that should Byronbrand remain absent after the 23 of October, I can legally declare him dead; and all his titles, deeds and possessions will pass on to me! So as you see, there is no need to worry and every cloud has a silver lining.