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Brockenborings provides an ideal venue for first fishing match of the season

posted Jan 27, 2016, 2:18 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jan 27, 2016, 2:19 AM ]
By Ponso Pondhopper   

Twenty-four fisherhobbits turned out on Saturday for a grand fishing match at the pond in Brockenborings. All together, 738 fish were caught, of which around forty, being catfish, ended up in Miss Tibba’s frying pan!

Results were as follows:

Weedy Prize — With a catch of 6 clumps of weed: Mister Fidgit

Beginners Group
1st Prize with 49 points: Mister Winzigbel
2nd Prize with 35 points: Lyllea
3rd Prize with 22 points: Tulpaani

Experienced Fisherhobbits
1st Prize with 62 points: Mrs Toadflax
2nd Prize, with 59 points: Miss Tibba
3rd Prize with 58 points: Miss Bilberri

Tiniest Tiddler Award
The award for the smallest minnow caught with rod and line went to Miss Pennyroyal, with a tiddler weighing just 1 ounce and 12 drams!

The Shire Angling Club would like to thank Mister Simbo Rumblebelly for his help in developing a new fast way of counting fish catches! This will make future fishing matches much easier to run.

The next fishing match will be the Annual Salmon Run in the Brandywine. This is one of the most popular matches of the year and is a grand chance to land a fine salmon on their way back down the Brandywine after breeding up in Lake Evendim. The date is to be confirmed but will most likely be the 5th of March as the close season starts on the 15th of March.