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Brandywine secrets revealed!

posted Oct 25, 2010, 3:10 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Oct 26, 2010, 1:17 AM ]
   It was nearing sunset when a large group of hobbits gathered at the Golden Perch in Stock. Bystanders wondered what was going on and what the plans were of these intrepid hobbits, all in rugged clothing and most of them with backbacks on.

Soon it turned out to be a historical field trip, organized by a group of scholars, called the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. They were here to find out more about the history of the Shire, more precise of the area consisting of the basin of the Brandywine river.

After a few introductory speeches, the group proceeded to Girdley Island, a favorite fishing spot for both hobbit and man. A couple of hunters, armed with bows and javelins, scouted ahead to clear the path of wildlife that would be interested in a hobbit-picnic of their own, and the whole group reached the destiny safe, although a bit wet. Campfires were lit to make everyone feel comfortable again.

Then it got real interesting as the stories were told. Stories going back as far as the very founding of the Shire as we know it. The location for this event was aptly chosen as it was the exact location of the story, told by Miss Rowana, about Marmadoc, one of the founding fathers of the Shire. Long, long ago he had an adventure right on this spot.

Another story, captivatingly told by Miss Lina, raised the hairs of the audience. As it was about a winter, a little more then a hundred years ago, when it was so cold, that the Brandywine froze over. And thus made the Shire easily accesable to undesired visitors, like wolfs! The story was about young hobbit heroes who bravely fought these wolfs.

The story of the wolfs continued in an epic poem, made and recited by master Simbo. As he performed his masterpiece a bit of unrest stirred those present. It was not only the content of the poem, or "wolfem" as the maker called it. It was  the rumbling of bellies and hobbits who started to realise that they had not eaten for a while! It was therefore decided to split the poem in two parts.

Delicious sausages and mulled wine were passed round to satisfy the needs of all those present. With the story of the Great Famine still lingering in their heads, some hobbits nibbled their food with a slight sense of guilt, but that soon changed to a feeling of gratitude that in our times food is always in abundance and no-one in the Shire ever has to die of starvation anymore.

After the poem had been concluded, accompagnied by fitting music, it was time to round things off. Some last words, and a big ovation for the ones that made this possible by putting an enormous amount of time and energy in the project. Unfortunately dawn had broken already, but that did not stop the pyrotechnicians from treating everyone to a nice fireworks display, that was the talk of Stock the weeks to follow.

As all good things come to an end, so did this meeting. Some hobbits had to leave again to go to their duties. Others more fortunate, stayed a while longer to do a bit of fishing. But all went home in the end, enriched by the stories of the history of the Brandywine.

Many thanks to Miss Lina, Miss Rowana and Master Simbo of the grand Order of the Lost Mathom for making this trip a great succes!