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Bramblebury gains a museum!

posted Sep 1, 2013, 8:24 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Ponso Pondhopper

Following its recent successful open day, the Shire Museum of Hunting and Fishing has moved lock stock and Inn League barrel to Bramblebury. The move follows months of negotiation with Andy Brockhouse, says Ponso Pondhopper, of the Shire Angling Club.
"We always had an eye on this property in Bramblebury, " said Ponso yesterday, "but Mister Brockhouse couldn't release it in time for our opening last June. It's a little further from the ponds, but it's a sheltered spot, nestled in a niche under the cliffs and that will only benefit our fish hatcheries. Luckily, we found a source of fresh water under the site and have installed a wind pump to feed the tanks."
The new museum has been redecorated and all the exhibits transferred over from its Harville site in less than 24 hours.
"We were very happy in Harville." said Mister Pondhopper. "We were close to the main road and easy for folk to find. Although we are a bit out of the way here, we hope by now enough folk have heard of us to want to make the journey. Also Bramblebury is a busy community and we are sure we will attract more visitors here. We've managed the move over the weekend so as to close for the least possible time."
The museum is now fully open to the public and can be found at 5 Harrow Road, Bramblebury. Admission is free.