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Bindbole bugged by badgers?

posted Feb 9, 2011, 2:36 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Feb 9, 2011, 2:35 PM ]
In Hobbiton rumours are circulating about badgers being seen in Bindbole Wood. So we sent an intrepid reporter over to investigate.
First stop was Overhill, a small forester's settlement, where we interviewed some of the locals. A trader, named Otho Broadbelt denied the rumours. "Badgers? You must mean spiders! They are aplenty in these woods. Took my trade goods away from me, they did!".
Next person interviewed was Gammer Boffin, a wise old hobbit who might shed some light on all this. "Badgers? Slugs, I said! I can't make that liquid out of badgers! I need slugs.". Another dead end for our reporter. Other townpersons were equally helpful but could not say anything about badgers.
Finally, Miss Primula Diggins was interviewed. "O, goody! They finally sent someone to deal with them badgers! Are you a bounder? You don't look like a bounder..". It was Miss Primula who had spotted, not one, but a group of badgers lurking in Bindbole Wood one night. "It was horrible! They was all stripy and had fangs and claws this big!" Miss Primula stretched out her arms to indicate the size. "And they made funny noises too!". On our reporter's request Miss Primula refused to go back to the place where she saw the badgers, but she did give directions. Arriving at what was probably the spot where it had happened (directions were not very clear), no indication of badger activity could be found. There were however hobbit footprints and some pie- and biscuitcrumbs in the grass. Still, Miss Primula made the impression of being of sound mind. It may not have been the last we hear about badgers in Bindbole Wood!

Bindbole Wood.. home of badgers?

Ed.: the sketch shown is one made of a High Moor badger. It is not a Bindbole badger (if there is such an animal)