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Start of Bramblebury Gazette commemorated (Updated)

posted Oct 23, 2011, 3:38 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Oct 26, 2011, 2:14 AM ]
By Byco Brightburrows  

Today marks a year and a month since the Bramblebury Gazette was first brought to it’s unsuspecting readers, the inhabitants of the newly opened homestead of Bramblebury in the South Farthings of the Shire.
Initiators were Miss Yola Plumblossom, who did most, but not all, of the writing and Master Byronbrand Stepwise who assisted with his stories and most of all with the technical aspects of printing and running the newspaper. After a while it was decided that not only happenings in Bramblebury, but in the entire Shire should be covered, and the number of readers incremented significantly after that.
Many are the articles that since then have been published in the Gazette, written by it’s editorial staff, but as time passed more and more also by freelance authors that contributed by their own announcements, reports, letters and works of art.
Two yet unfinished stories greatly influence the Gazette’s office: the disappearance of both initiators. Miss Yola disappeared when doing some very secret government mission and Master Byronbrand disappeared on his quest for looking for his wife Emily. Miss Yola’s brother, Master Peppy Bristlebrush, has since taken over her tasks and made sure his sister’s work was continued in her absence. When asked about a celebration for the anniversary of the Gazette, Master Peppy answered the following:

It would not feel right to have a party in absence of the two hobbits who have meant so much for the Gazette. Furthermore my personal life is once more in turmoil, which makes it hard for me to concentrate on festive matters. But there will be an anniversary party at some point and Miss Tibba and Miss Nimelia have kindly offered their help in organising it. But for those who do want to commemorate today I will be in Bramblebury tonight, at the stage where the official edition was first launched and I'll make sure pies are available. But please, do not come before 8pm ((BST)). I surely could do with the company of friends, but I won’t be in such a festive mood, I am afraid.

To mark the first anniversary, a special reprint of the very first edition has been added to the Gazette today. It was handwritten and hand-delivered to all Bramblebury homes by Miss Yola. In the archives a specimen in mint condition was found, along with the reactions of readers to the this very first edition of the Bramblebury Gazette. And Miss Lina Willowwood’s lovely ode to the new Gazette can be found in the Art’s Corner. Details of the upcoming Anniversary party proper will be announced there where you all like to read it: in the Bramblebury Gazette!

That sunday evening a small group of merry hobbits joined Peppy on the stage to celebrate the anniversary of the Gazette. As he had promised, there were pies and for Miss Lina a special biscuit to go with the beverages. Glasses were raised to Bramblebury and it's Gazette and then Miss Lina, with the aid of Master Simbo, sang her ode to the Gazette and really got the party going. In his excitement paired with emotion, Master Peppy totally forgot about the little speech he had prepared. In stead he looked around him and invited all present Brambleburian musicians to join him. Miss Akelay quickly dashed home to come back dressed in her burgundy robe and together with Miss Nimelia, Miss Tibba and Master Peppy lined up for an impromptu performance that thrilled their audience.
The celebration was closed with fireworks and, by special request, the song "Home Sweet Home", performed by Miss Lina and Master Simbo.
Master Peppy thanked everyone for coming and showing their appreciation for the Bramblebury Gazette. It will surely be there for the upcoming year as well!