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Beautiful burrows available in NEW Hobbit village!

posted Mar 24, 2013, 2:46 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Mollywobbles Puddingdale  

Mr Andy Brockhouse, housing broker, has entrusted me to post this advertisement on his behalf. 

It is my great pleasure to inform you of a new hobbit village in the Southfarthing! 

Harville is one of five new villages with Standard and Deluxe Burrows available for purchase along with Kinburrows. I am Mollywobbles Puddingdale, member of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom and Deputy Mayor of the village. 

So far: 4 Wending Way has been taken (by me as the residence of the Deputy Mayor) and 6 Myrtle Court (by an lovely and every helpful Hobbit lad who is already a credit to the neighbourhood). But do not be discouraged for there are many outstanding burrows in need of good, kind-hearted owners!

Andy and I would love for this neighbourhood to become established with Hobbitses and Hobbit-kin much like Songburrow, Bramblebury, Bannockbury and OldFurlong. So please spread the word amongst friendly, respectful Hobbitses and Hobbit-Kinships! One of our goals is to hold village events and network with the other established Hobbit villages in the Southfarthing.

For more information on vacant property and to view burrows of interest, please visit our office located near the gate to the Southfarthing Homesteads.

Thank you!

Mollywobbles Puddingdale, GOofLM
Deputy Mayor