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A Stroller's Concert at Farmer Maggot's!

posted Apr 6, 2012, 2:21 PM by Tibba Stoutfoot
The Songburrow Strollers - Farms of the Shire
Concert 1 - Farmer Maggot's Farm (Sunday 22nd April)

After last year's successful tour around Bree land, the Songburrow Strollers felt it only right and proper to return to The Shire, and perform a series of concerts in their home land. In particular they intend to play to the hard-working folk in the various farms across the land, who work tirelessly throughout the seasons, to ensure there is enough food for everyone to have pie on their table!

The first concert will be taking place at Farmer Maggot's farm over in The Marish, outside one of the fine mushroom tents he has there, where there is ample room for dancing in the yard.

Prior to the concert there will be a short gathering at the farm itself, where food and drink will be served, after which the concert will begin!

Folks of all shapes and sizes are welcome to attend, although tall folk should be polite enough to stand at the back so as not to block the views of the little folk.


Location: Mushroom Tents, Farmer Maggot's Farm (Bamfurlong), The Shire (Loc 34.3S, 64.6W)
Date: Sunday 22 April
19:30 BST (14:30 Server Time) - Farmer Maggot's Farm
20:00 BST (15:00 Server Time) - Concert starts at the Mushroom Tents