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Anouncement: Fishing in Frogmorton

posted Feb 3, 2011, 10:46 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Feb 3, 2011, 2:43 PM ]
By Bardoric Oatroot    

Good day Fellow Fishers,

There will be a fishing contest next sunday, February 6th at 19.00 servertime in Frogmorton, at the Floating Log Inn.
So bring your best fishing rod, and fishing hat with you, and perhaps for the non-adventurous hobbit some boots.
After the fishing, I can make some delicious fish dishes, and we can party in the Floating Log..  Although the roof is not finished yet.

There will be prices to earn, but above all it's an event of fun.
There will be held three rounds, so if you come in later there is always a chance to join a second or third one.
All races are welcome to the event.


People will be added in a raid group to keep track of fishes that will be hooked.

Before each round I announce what fish I want you to catch, and blow a horn to give the starting signal.

Give a tell in raid chat when you have met the goal I have given.

No OOC chat during the event, in raid or say chat.