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Announcement: Taste of Home - Hobbit Relay Race

posted Jun 6, 2011, 1:25 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jun 7, 2011, 1:42 PM ]
By Jiro

Starting Location: Michel Delving
Finish Location: Rivendell - The Last Homely Home
Date: 7th August
Time: 19:30 [BST] 18:30 [GMT] 14:30 [Server Time]

Race will begin 15 minutes after the start time, this should allow for everyone to take up there position on the route. Each location is away from danger so should not pose a risk to those waiting if they're of a low level.

The day was cool, the sun was out and the sky was almost a clear blue, save for a few wispy clouds drifting past on the gentle breeze. One could say that the day couldn’t be any better. Though perhaps that wasn’t true for Postmaster Proudfoot who was busy handing out bags of mail to the members of the Quick Post... “That’s right, you’ve got a whole bag of mail to deliver” he grumbled to the newest members. He didn’t mind the extra help, but what was a postmaster to do when his newest recruits always ended up being caught by those pesky nosy hobbit’s, the one’s who had nothing better to do than pester the poor Quick Post while they was out delivering. A few of the recruits strained to lift there bags, but smiled and gave Postmaster Proudfoot a smile and a nod before they dashed off. Down the road and off into the distance.
Postmaster Proudfoot wiped his brow, it was certainly a hot day he thought to himself while turning to head back inside the Quick Post building, there wasn’t much else to do until the hobbit’s had returned. Though as he stepped through the door, something strange caught his eye, a letter was sat rather neatly on the floor by an open window. Surely he hadn’t forgotten to send it out. Walking over he bent down and scooped the letter up, turning it over in his hands... His eyes widened a bit as he saw the name on the front, it was addressed to him “How strange..” he said out loud, though he was clearly talking to himself when he said it. As he turned the letter over his fingers gave a slight twitch, how had the letter got here, had someone dropped it through the window? Thought’s swirled in his head, no point dwelling on them he thought as he carefully broke the strange looking seal on the back and pulled out a piece of paper.
The paper was folded neatly, his fingers gently opening it so he could see what was written, his eyes lifting to the first line, the first word to read....
Dear Hobbit's...

As time passes I find myself longing for a taste of home, a taste of the wonderful Shire. I've sent this letter in hope's that those in the Shire reading it will understand my slight predicament. You see, I'm currently staying with the Elves of Rivendell, yes yes... I know, it's hard to believe, but believe me when I say its true. 

As you can guess, the food here while lovely is not quite what you'd get in the Shire. In fact it's nothing like the Shire, how much I'd love to taste a sweet strawberry tart... or a steak pie.. even a bit of pipe weed wouldn't go to waste.

From what I remember the Quick Post has always had the finest Post Hobbits, and I'd like to ask that they hear my request and send out there finest hobbit's to bring a taste of home to me in Rivendell. You'll find a list of items I'd like, along with some coin's to pay for them. Of course I will reward the first hobbit to reach me with an even greater prize.


Bilbo Baggins
A letter from Bilbo, of all the hobbit’s to receive a letter it was him, and of all the hobbit’s to send a letter it was Bilbo. His mind was racing now, he glanced out the window as the first of the Quick Post hobbit’s began to return “What to do... what to do..” he said once more out loud to himself. Stepping back outside into the sun, another and then another of the Quick Post were returning. He quickly scribbled down some notes onto pieces of paper he had nearby. Handing them to the hobbit’s he gave them swift instruction’s to let those who would be willing to help know...
The question was, who would answer Bilbo’s letter and help bring him “A Taste of Home”