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Announcement: "Chicken Run 2011"

posted Sep 13, 2011, 3:39 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Osterby 

Righty... Good news for all poultry fans!

The 'Chicken Run 2011' is scheduled for 20:00(BST)Sunday, the 25th of September!

For details on the 'epic' nature of this avian migration read this.

This is the most fatal, er difficult of the journeys, and is the crow-ning achievement to a rewarding chain of quests, ending in a nice cluck, er cloak (and also a prestigious title) is due to be taken by intrepid Grand Order of the Lost  Mathom participants, and I would like to extend the wing of er fellowship to all our friends!
While a determined and brave bird can accomplish most of the journeys on their own, I would be happy to accompany anyone, to ensure their feathers are not unduly ruffled on any other journeys.

Participants!!!... do invite friends!, and do sign up!... apparently its possible for up to x50 chickens to er cross the road at the same time! finaly laying that age old question to er rest!

For anyone willing to take responsibility and escort these errant chickens, sacks of corn and big sticks will be available upon request!