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Announcement: A Grand Summer Picnic!

posted Jul 11, 2011, 1:29 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Lina Willowwood. 

Date: Sunday 24 July 
Time: 07:30PM (BST) 
Location: Flower field SW of Woodhall, near the large waterfall 

A year has passed since last summer's party and picnic, held on the hills outside of Scary. Naturally, we can't let the chance of having another grand feast pass by, so we are pleased to invite our hobbit friends to this year's summer party and picnic, held on Sunday July 24th. 

The picnic will be held near Stock Road (*gulp*), in a flower field near the lovely waterfall southwest of Woodhall. Activities to look forward to include music, dance, food and drinks, fireworks, likely a competition of sorts and the odd few surprises! I hope you will join us!

The Bucklanders among us claim that the location is a fine one for swimming, given that there are both rivers and pools nearby. Of course, no Shire hobbits worth their salt would venture into the water freely, but feel free to go ahead and try anyway!

Be advised that some hobbits claim to have seen brigands nearby! I am sure it is just the ale speaking, though.

This is a hobbit-only event!

Since the location is near a questing area involving brigands (the hills above the field, where Violet Underhill is held captive), there's likely to be some combat messages cropping up if someone is up there bashing the nasty big folk. If you find you're bothered by that, there is an option to turn off the combat event messages in your chat window (right-click the chat tab and choose "change filters", then deselect the combat messages)