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A new Summertime Bard!

posted Jul 10, 2012, 4:11 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jul 10, 2012, 4:25 AM ]
By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Methel Stage was brimming with excitement on a warm evening in July. It was time again to compete for the prestigious title of Summertime Bard. Nine entries, and one last minute surprise entry, had been received by Miss Jadite, who is now well-known for organising poetry events. It promised to be an evening filled with the best of the best in the art of poetry.
First Miss Jadite introduced the judges to the audience. The difficult task of judging all entries was laid upon the shoulders of Miss Lina, Miss Sevelda, Miss Nimelia and Miss Primmrose.  
Heading off  the contest was the proud bearer of last year’s title of Summertime Bard, Master Simbo Rumblebelly. Before reciting his own poem, he brought us the work of another poet, one who could not attend, Miss Amorey: a beautiful work called “Whispers on Summerwinds”.
After that Master Simbo recited his own work called: ”the Journey”. Both poems were well received, but the night was not over yet. Master Mellam sent shivers down the spines of his audience with the scary poem “A Summer Night’s Scream”. Yes, poetry is all about channeling emotions,even emotions of fear sometimes.
Then, with gracious strides, a lady elf entered the stage. Hobbits shifted in their seats in high anticipation of hearing elf poetry. They were not disappointed by Lady Aelaezabeth’s poem “Words of a Wanderer”.

Miss Dittany was next. It was her birthday, as was made very clear by the festive hat she was wearing. Congratulations filled the air and a delighted Dittany started her poem that was a lovely dedication to her late Grandma.
The next contestant, a woman named Creowyn, brought us her poem “The day of a journey”.
It was short, but tried to convince us hobbits that it is worthwhile to go adventuring?? It ended thus:
‘for what battles won'
'what bold deeds were done'
'by staying in safety behind?'
'By not seeking what there was to find?
There was a break now, much needed to let all these words and poems sink in. Master Mellam and then Miss Dittany played some nice tunes while pies were served and ofcourse eaten.

After the break, Miss Jadite called a young hobbit to the stage, much to his own surprise. This lad, Boogo, after hearing the first poem being read, was heard exclaiming: “Ah, so that is what poetry is about! ...So, poetry is words that sound the same?” And he had made use of his new discovery, scribbled down a poem of his own and asked to be allowed to enter the competition. This was graciously allowed, so Boogo could perform his short poem about friendship.
Then it was Miss Tibba’s turn. Miss Tibba had made a dreadful mistake, she said. She thought it was a riddle competition, not a poem competition. And while she explained herself, the hobbits in the audience started smiling more and more, as her story was actually.. a poem! A riddl-em, you could call it. And it ended with a riddle alright!
Another hobbit lass was called to stage. It was Miss Cloves, who never ceases to amaze those around her. Her poem was autobiographical, a scholarly way of saying it is about yourself, and was called “Song of the wandering Minstrel”. It met with a lot of well-deserved applause.
The last of the contestants was announced by Miss Jadite now. It was again one of the Fair Folk, an elf lady by the name of Fathiriel. Her poem related about a journey she intends to make one day and made the hobbits listen in silence.
Now that all poems had been read, the jury started to discuss among themselves to determine who was the best poet, worthy of the title Summertime Bard. Master Adrean meanwhile, entertained the audience with tunes and a song about Weerwoofs, brought with very life-like howling.

The jury’s discussion got more and more heated: there was shouting and waving with frying pans. It did not look good and we could not call the Shirriff as she was one of the judges! Finally, four sighs of relief, as they had come to a verdict. All agreed with Miss Nimelia when she told the audience that it had been an almost impossible task to pick a winner.
And the winners were...

The award for Best Effort was granted to Master Boogo, for his made-on-the-spot poem.
Third prize went to Lady Aelaezabeth and was handed to her by Miss Nimelia. Judge Miss Sevelda called forward Miss Cloves to receive the second prize. Proudly she held her cheese-wheel above her head while the audience cheered.
Now Miss Lina stepped forward to announce the overall winner of this year’s Summertime Poetry contest. To keep us in suspense, she had an introduction that was almost as epic as some of the poems of Master Simbo. But finally we were told who would be the new  Summertime Bard. It was.. Miss Tibba!! An outburst of cheers and fireworks filled the air around Methel Stage. And ofcourse the winner was asked to recite her poem again. It was like eating a delicious pie: seconds are always appreciated very much!
Being the modest lass she is, she won’t go bragging about it or write it behind her name in letters, but let it be known to all, that the Summertime Bard of 2012 is called Tibba Stoutfoot!

The Bramblebury Gazette would like to invite all poets that entered in this competition to send in their work for publication in the Art's Corner.