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A New Band Arises at the Green Dragon

posted Dec 15, 2022, 7:04 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Aerinbard Fallohide

Last spring seems forever ago now, but that is when the dream began for Detective Tubblo Billberry and
the rather shy archivist of Mathom House, Aerinbard Fallohide.
“It really started with Tubblo's 'Biscuits in the Jar' song,” said Master Fallohide. “It is one of my
Finding that they both not only shared a love of exploration, but also of music, the friends were inspired
to try to put together a band. Many setbacks assailed the team and it seemed that this dream would never
come to fruition. But then a chance meeting brought it all together.
“I sometimes travel Bounder work,” said Master Fallohide. “That is when I chanced to
meet the good Dwarf Omali who sang a stirring set of lyrics to Tubblo's familiar song! Omali put me in
touch with Dassa, a friend of the original lyricist. She kindly agreed to come sing the song for us Shire
“Miss Dassa turned out to be a wealth of experience in music. With her guidance and the addition of
Tubblo's talented cousin Miss Mongolia, the Tuckborough Troubadours were born!”
Last week saw the Tuckborough Troubadour's first performance at the Green Dragon on Friday.