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A Huge Success ! An Historical Field Trip and a Wonderful Concert

posted May 9, 2011, 3:03 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated May 9, 2011, 4:43 PM ]
By Amorey Sweetrose 

This year we celebrated our history and heritage and the coming of The Shire by making the very long and perilous journey across the Brandywine Bridge , through bears and wolves infested lands bordering the Old Forest, to the place known as Adso's Camp where an inn is currently under construction. There we stopped for an evening of much enjoyment . Stories about the coming of the Shire and concerning hobbits where told by  Miss Lina Willowwood, while Master Simbo Rumblebelly delighted the audience with a wonderful epic poem called The Ballad of Ned and Rose,  as well as with a new song. Sausages and Spring Ale aplenty, the Historical Field Trip was a huge success. Hobbits spent the night sleeping under the stars by the camp-fire in preparation for the second part of this outlandish adventure, the long awaited Strollers Concert in Staddle.  

On the day, hobbits departed Adso's Cam and made their way to the lanky town of Bree. Safe in numbers, they walked through narrow streets surrounded by very tall houses and many tall people, and fortunately no one was lost or trampled on. The happy gathering finally reached the chosen location for the concert, by the little lake in Staddle, and after making sure all hobbits were accounted for, The Strollers (Rowana Fairborn, Lina Willowwood and Simbo Rumblebelly) enchanted their audience with a lovely repertoire of songs, including one dedicated to The Bramblebury Gazette,  and other tunes which led to happy dances and much merriment.  Many tall people and dwarves, friends of the hobbits did join in, and the evening was an incredible success. Master Jiro used all his pyrotechnical skills in a wonderful fireworks display, and the very famous Dancing Bear
also made a brief appearance. 

A lovely celebration, a wonderful concert! Some hobbits  were even bold enough to brave the rowdiness of the Prancing Pony for a few drinks and more tunes afterwards.  Once more The Strollers have kept their promises for a wonderful musical performance, so a huge thank you to Miss  Rowana Fairborn, Miss Lina Willowwood and Master Simbo Rumblebelly...may the hairs on their toes never fall...we are all looking forward to the next Strollers concert, for sure.