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A Home-Warming Party With A Fishy Flavour

posted Mar 11, 2011, 9:32 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated Mar 12, 2011, 4:52 AM ]

By Amorey Sweetrose  

On Sunday March 20th I shall be honoured and pleased to invite you at my home-warming party in the little hamlet of Brightdown. After much coin saving and some adventures, I finally managed to afford a little burrow which I can now call 'home'. As you all know on the same evening Master Bardoric is running a fishing contest, so after some party planning we agreed to held the two events at the same time to make it a very special occasion.


I do indeed live very close to the water in Brightdown which is a very good fishing spot in the South Farthing. There will be music, dance, fishing, and pies...and plenty of ale, of course. 


I am looking forward to welcome you all, and don't forget your fishing gear and your dancing feet.


Location : 3 Wending Way Brightdown

Date: Sunday 20th March

Time: 19:00 ((server time))


Yours Truly

Miss Amorey Sweetrose 



Concerning fishing , by Bardoric Oatroot.


There will be held three rounds/ with prices to win, but mainly a contest for fun in celebration of miss Amorey Sweetrose new burrow.



  • People will be added in a raid group to keep track of fishes that will be hooked.
  • Before each round I announce what fish I want you to catch, and blow a horn to give the starting signal.
  • Give a tell in raid chat when you have met the goal I have given.
  • No ooc chat during the event, in raid or say chat.