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A Hobbit Handfasting Ceremony (wedding) in Bramblebury!

posted Sep 26, 2011, 1:01 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 28, 2011, 12:51 PM ]
By Amorey Sweetrose and Peppy Bristlebrush 

Amorey and Peppy

are celebrating their love with an Handfasting Ceremony!

Today a happy couple came to announce the date of their long anticipated Yule wedding:

Amorey Sweetrose and Peppy Bristlebrush

will be joined in matrimony on the 18th day of the month of Foreyule in this year 3018 by Shire Reckoning  ((December 18th 2011))

The ceremony will take place in Bramblebury, Shire Homesteads, on and around the stage.
Guests are welcome to join the festivities from 7.30 ((uk time, 1,30 pm server time NB no daylight saving time then any more ))

The wedding ceremony will begin at 8pm (( 2 pm servertime))

A great reception will follow for drinks and nibbles, much merriment  and music performed  by renowned bands and musicians.

Amorey and Peppy are hereby inviting the entire hobbit community and friends of all races to be present at their wedding !

((OOC: This primarily a hobbit event, but members of other races  are welcome as long as they remember to be respectful of hobbit traditions and customs. Some special members of the community will even receive a individual  invitation. This is a very  peaceful event so the carrying of weaponry will be frowned upon.  Skirmish soldiers are definitely NOT welcome! For any more details and informations, please contact Peppy or Amorey in game of via PM on the Laurelin Archives. ))

Ed.: the sketches for this announcement were made by Miss Amorey herself.