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A Harvest-Birthday Celebration!

posted Sep 12, 2013, 7:23 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush
By Nannie  
The golden days o' summer are drawing ter their close, an the lads are busy with the harvest. Tis the time fer apples and cider, fer merriment and dancing. Aye, that's what we thought and so. here's yer invitation ter join us.  
On the day o' the 22nd September, a date saddened by the loss of a grand and more fitting balard, at the time of 7:30 pm (BST) Under the groaning boughs of Appledore.

Miss Lina and meself invite ye, one and all ter come celebrate the rich harvest ter fill yer baskets with the apples o' the trees. Ter sup the sweet ciders and dance yer feet away!
Music there will be a plenty, with rumours of woodland beasts joining in or perhaps tis merry folk in green? Tales ter make yer eyes grow wide, and grub ter make yer bellies wider.
And lets no ferget the birthdays! oh noe, we'll no do that!
So what are ye waiting fer?