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Wanted: Hobbits to help serve pies and ale at GDF concert

posted May 7, 2011, 1:08 AM by Yola Plumblossom   [ updated May 7, 2011, 1:08 AM by Bovso Oakengates ]

Do you want to help out during the GDF anniversary concert? Does the prospect of wearing a colourful uniform appeal to you? Wouldn’t it be grand to get a huge stash of pies and ales in your hands? Of course! That’s why you should send a letter by the quick post to Lina and offer your services!

On Friday May 20th, there will be a grand anniversary concert for Green Dragon Friday, held at the Methel Stage outside of Bywater. Since there is little in the way of food and drink there, it would be grand to have some hobbits help with distributing pies and ale to the audience.

Those wanting to help out will do the following:

  • Wear similar clothes of the colourful kind, provided by the organizers
  • Show up ca 30 minutes before the concert start ((the start is set at 19:00 /servertime), to be given items and last-minute instructions.
  • For the first 10 minutes of the event, be stationed near the Green Dragon Inn in Bywater to show any late-comers the way to the Methel Stage (don't worry, the music will likely not start before that)
  • Carry much in the way of food and drink, to distribute to the audience. Food and drink will be provided by the organizers.
  • Be pointed out as the hobbits to contact for food and drink during the event, and be especially active in distributing food/drink in the breaks between bands

The work will be hard and unpaid, but you will have the eternal gratitude of the organizers if you would like to help out! Oh, and feel free to help yourself to some of the pies and ales during the night!

Send a letter to Lina as soon as hobbitly possible. The first ones to volunteer will get the jobs!

Best regards,