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Pierate treasure hunt in Buckland

posted Mar 20, 2019, 3:38 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 20, 2019, 3:43 AM ]

By Pycella Woodberry  

Arrr you ready for another treasure hunt in the Shire? 
Come and search for the forgotten pierate treasure in Buckland!  

Date: Sunday April 28 
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime)) 
Location: the Brandy Hall, Buckland 

I hope you have all recovered from our last mysterious adventure where the search for a lost hobbit lass led us to pork and multiple Yule baths. I would namely need your help and wits again to solve another mystery. This time, I am pretty sure that Miss Almi is not involved. Pretty sure. I hope you are fine with that.

Anyways, I recently talked to a customer about the absence of pierate attacks in Buckland, and then he mentioned this lost treasure from long ago. A real pierate treasure! According to his story, this treasure, a bag of coins, was looted by the pierates from a ship that got wrecked on the Brandywine. However, the story also says that this treasure was somehow cursed, disturbing the peaceful life of the Bucklanders. In the end, the pierates decided to hide the treasure, to put an end to all the misfortune. Then, the pierates grew up, lost interest in pierating and plundering, and the treasure was forgotten. However, it is said that the instructions to the treasure’s location have been archived in the uppermost libraries of the Brandy Hall.

First of all, I don’t believe in silly curses, but I do like solving mysteries. And well, there is also a bag of coins involved. First, we need to get them instructions from Brandy Hall, I suppose we can’t dig up the whole Buckland. So, please meet me in front of the Brandy Hall in Buckland on Sunday, April 28th at seven and half bells. Let’s find this treasure! Arrr!

Warm regards,
Pycella Woodberry

((OOC: This is a roleplaying event for hobbits and maybe some lagging dwarves. We search for a treasure by solving riddles in Buckland. This event is safe for low levels, as we won’t go outside Buckland, and definitely not into the Old Forest. The event will last for an hour or so, depending on our pace. Please make sure that your emote channel is turned on, there might be some important information there as well during the hunt. Welcome and fun with us!))

Let's have us a new Festival: a Festival of Folk Music!

posted Mar 11, 2019, 2:36 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 15, 2019, 3:56 AM ]

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Hullo everyone!

On March 23 we will see the very first Laurelin Festival of Folk Music.

For the first edition we have invited the following bands:
  • A Murder of Crows
  • the Brandy Badgers
  • Hooh & Whye
  • the Little Wanderers
  • the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
  • Thorn and Roses
What a fine lineup! We've asked them to select from their repertoire what they consider Folk Music. Let's see what they'll come up with!

The Festival will be held at Methel Stage in Bywater. Please gather there at 19:00 ((UK time, 3pm servertime)). Let any spontaneous music played then, be in the spirit of the Festival: Folk Music! Once we have you all together, the first band will play. NB the above list is NOT the order of play! Each band has been given 30 minutes on stage.

Ofcourse we hope that you will appreciate the efforts to bring you a new kind of music festival ((on the Laurelin server)). Please let the organisers know if you do. They can then be persuaded, if not bribed, to bring you more editions. Later editions will give bands a chance to sign up, as this first edition was by invitation only.

So to summarize:
What: the first edition of the Laurelin Festival of Folk Music
Where: Methel Stage, near Hobbiton-Bywater, the Shire.
When: Saturday March 23, 19:00 ((UK time, 3pm servertime))

((N.B. 19:00 UK is usually 2pm servertime, but because of the, earlier than Europe, American Daylight Savings Time, it is 3pm servertime on March 23 ))

A storm that rages on and on

posted Mar 8, 2019, 11:02 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 8, 2019, 3:25 PM ]

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

It's been days now and the storm that currently rages over Middle Earth still has no intention to calm down.  Well, it will Soon(TM), but likely not before Green Dragon Friday starts today! 

These storms have a certain form of beauty over them, if you have an eye for it.

What we can do is meet by shouting over the noise of the storm through our windows, hoping the wind will carry it to the others. Let's call that a virtual Green Dragon Friday!

And this is how you do it:

Set up a discord account first if you don't have one

Use your hobbit name to avoid confusion.

Have a nice virtual Green Dragon Friday!! Hope to see you all there!

Many thanks to Miss Lina for setting up the server to make this possible.

Bullroarer Took Day 2019

posted Feb 28, 2019, 8:47 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Mar 11, 2019, 2:39 PM ]

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

Hullo everyone,

March 17 is coming up soon and that means: Bullroarer Took Day!

It’s a day surrounded by many traditions: drinking to the Big Hobbit’s health, singing songs and reciting poems about his deeds and of course the wearing of the green!

We invite you all to put on your nicest clothes (as long as they are green, I mean green) and come to Brockenborings in the North Farthing of the Shire and assemble near the statue of Bullroarer Took. We’ll salute the Great Hero and drink to his health. We’ll also commemorate those who have fallen during the Battle of the Greenfields.

Let us all assemble around 19:00 ((UK time, 3pm server time)), so we can do the drinking and toasting first and then we’ll have for you a performance of the famous Greenbrambles. They play only once a year, on this very day. So this is your chance to see and hear them!

They will bring you dances and songs in a style the Bullroarer would have loved, had he been around to listen. And perhaps some poets will recite a poem for you about the Big Hero. If you have written such a poem, don't hesitate to let me know and you'll be called upon the stage we call a wall. Errr.. the wall we call a stage!

A lone Bard during one of the previous Bullroarer Took Day celebrations

The Laurelin Festival of Folk Music that I promised you earlier, will take place on March 23, a date more convenient for the artists who will perform for you then. The announcement of that Festival will be done in another article.

Hope to see you all on March 17th!

Warm regards,

Peppy Bristlebrush.

the March OAKS will be Hoppin!

posted Feb 28, 2019, 8:23 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Acorne Oakley 


Now the mystery of the February OAKS be solved!
now... folks no that another way ta say a group or flock of crows be called ...a murder.. 
so ya understand  that "A Murder of Crows" be a bunch of crows what got t'gether ta entertain the folks at the OAKS. 

If ya had been at the February OAKS ya mite have herd....

"Great concert, with some special music i love, very good arrangements and great little musicans!"
"WOW THIS Turbullar bells is amazing!"
"The sound of this band is awesome!"
"that was an awesome gig from start to finish. thank you."

and about the return of the Aleford sisters...
"A grand concert for the return of the (old) Aleford band!"
"Aleford sisters made great work for today :)"

I was mighty proud ta play wit this new slightly-larger band of the Aleford sisters... A Murder of Crows!

((but if ya couldnt be there be sum magick drawings Miss Leddy made...

In February, Oldfurlong saw the town square filled wit crows..
 and luvers of crows.. 
 or possibly luvers of the mayhem      *chuckles*
so what will be comin in March ta the OAKS??

Close yer eyes and just imagine....
a bunch of little creatures hoppin inta the town square of Oldfurlong..
    (well sum are not so little)
and  then takin out their instruments and....croakin   *giggles*

yup ya guessed it!    Open yer eyes!   It be the....

Gallic Frogs Band 

They be hoppin over from their pond down near the Sirannon ...
and they're so lively y'all will find yerselves hoppin along ta their music.

              I luvs the lively ones!

So bring that special lass or lad ya been thinkin of askin ta go sumwhere wit time like a week from Saturday ta go out ta Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads
where ya can hop, bounce, or dance Saturday nite away on March 9th                          *cheers*

whispers....." I herd tell Frogs sumtimes even be magic...sum even turn inta royalty when ya kiss them"
So dont fergit ta kiss yer partner afore the nite is over at the March OAKS..    ya mite find yerself wit a honest-ta-goodness princess or prince                                 *winks*

See all ya folks at the Hoppin March OAKS!
  *whispers*  ..."keep that kissin part ta yerself, okays"

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads
                           ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday March 9th at eight bells in the evenin
                 (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

warm hugs ta all,

Come see A Murder in February!

posted Feb 11, 2019, 9:43 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Acorne Oakley 


This new year began wit another truly awesum OAKS... 
when Wild Mill brought some heat ta  our late January! 

They played many different genres of music from blues ta medieval sounds ...which had everyone dancin happily and several voices in the audience singin along wit the music.  The crowd went wild at the end and kept beggin fer one encore after another.... so this concert became the longest in the history of all OAKS!  The audience just didnt want it ta end! 

One dwarfie got so fired up that he kicked off his boots and danced rite up ta the edge of the stage ( well table *winks* ) sayin he wanted ta join this band.  Good thing a couple of his cousins be there and dragged him back inta the audience tellin him that that was no way fer an 308 year-old ta act.

 Thanks ta Lady Szorcha, Lady Warinia, Lady Larame, and all them ladies in the chorus fer an absolutely amazin OAKS which included a touchin tribute sung by Lady Lara ta dear Infernos, who lives on in the hearts of all her friends here in Middle Earth.
                       Bravooo!  Wunderbares Konzert!

Unfortunately fer any who were unable ta be wit us in Oldfurlong that day...
there are no magick pictures cause Miss Leddy dropped all her paints near the beginnin and couldnt make her magic pictures this time
   (( connection difficulties made it impossible to tape this OAKS ))

Now fer February.....

Around this time of the year....

I think of roses...and candy...and sweet kisses...and of course, warm hugs
but other folks mite be thinkin of other things...
like maybee...long pony rides, new puppies or kittens, bunnies, sweets fer their sweeties, or....
sum mite be thinkin of ..."a murder of crows"

That be the name of the new band which will be playin in the February OAKS..which will include a bunch of hobbits who want ya ta be surprised so this be the only picture ya'll see til the last Saturday in February.

But dont ya folks luv surprises !?!
I no I do!!

The February OAKS be a surprise fer ya folks....*giggles*...and it's gonna be a surprise fer me two   *falls down laughin*

I cannot wait!    
It's like when Gandalf left that brightly coloured box in Michel Delving and it drove me half crazy til we hobbits decided ta tear it open!
then BAM!  BOOM!   Fireworks lit up the sky!  it was wonderful

Sum of ya may have missed that day last Yule time....
but I no ya dont wanna miss this!

Come join us in Oldfurlong the last Saturday in February fer an OAKS ya cannot help but LUV...
when the town square of Oldfurlong will be the scene of...
  "A Murder of Crows"

Oh.... and all ya leave yer ravens at home when ya come.

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads
                           ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when:    Saturday February 23 at eight bells in the evenin
                 (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

warm hugs ta all,

Fifth Trout Tickle had no shortage of fish

posted Feb 11, 2019, 9:33 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Ponso Pondhopper  

The fifth Annual Trout Tickle was held, as in previous years, at Northcotton Farm in Oatbarton, thanks to the generosity of Farmer Alvin Nothcotton. This year, the pond had been dredged and fully restocked, and this was reflected in the catch numbers. Twenty-one hobbits took part, an auspicious number, of which three were beginners. A total of 717 fish were caught, of which 108 were trout, 40 were salmon, 41 were deemed good enough for trophies and 112 were other edible species (Perch and Golden Mullet).  

The species of trout caught were as follows: Brown Trout (18), Bull Trout (19), Cutthroat Trout (3), Golden Trout (10), Lake Trout (19), Rainbow Trout (6), Red-spotted Trout (25), Redband Trout (8). Miss Lina and Miss Nimelia caught nine trout each!

The prize for the most old boots caught went to Potty, with a total of nine boots caught. He walked away with a pair of Stoor Boots as his prize (but not on his feet!)

In the junior category:
3rd Miss Numrya: 13 points
2nd Miss Linsina: 20 points
1st Mister Pontin: 30 points

In the senior category:
Runners-up, each winning a commemorative rod:
Master Wiberic
Mister Deamfast
Miss Almi
Master Fidgit

3rd Miss Hollyberye: 65 points
2nd Miss Tibba: 67 points
1st Miss Harbella: 70 points

And this year’s winner of the Golden Trout Award, given to the first contestant to catch a Golden Trout is Mister Ruffin!

A very decent match with a hard-to-beat score by Miss Harbella!

The next fishing match will be held in the spring, details to be published in the future.

Fifth annual Great Trout Tickle promises to be a fine contest

posted Feb 6, 2019, 5:06 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Ponso Pondhopper 

Saturday 9th of February at Northcotton Fram, 7:30 pm ((UK time)) 

Winter is a grand time for coarse fishing and this year, we are honoured to be invited back to Northcotton Farm for our fifth Annual trout Tickle! As in previous years we shall be fishing for trout, with a special Golden Trout Award for the angler who nets the first Golden Trout. The last winner of this prestigious prize was Miss Nimelia in 2017. All levels are welcome however, and there will be a separate prize for those not yet versed in the art of Trout fishing. 
We at the Shire Angling Club have been working closely with Albin Northcotton to make sure the pond was ready for the match. A great deal of weed has been cleared and the pond restocked with many trout, of all species and hue. An exciting match is promised. For those new to the farm, follow the road up the hill to the left as you enter Oatbarton. Take the first gate on the left at the top of the hill, turn right after then second gate, then left after the third. The farm is at the top of the hill.
No need to register, just turn up with warm clothing and your fishing gear.

Ponso Pondhopper
Shire Angling Club president

What: Fishing contest
Where: Northcotton Farm, Oatbarton
When: Saturday 9th February
Time 7:30 ((UK time))

Wild Mill will ROCK in the new year at the January OAKS!

posted Jan 10, 2019, 11:06 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Jan 11, 2019, 7:27 AM ]

By Acorne Oakley 


I hope everybodee liked their Yuletime present.. 
when ya came ta see the B.O.A.T. at the December OAKS! 
    what!!!!?!!!        ya had ta work and couldnt make it?
ya missed an outstandin OAKS, cousin Acornie!
But ya're in luck cause that sweet Miss Leddy drew sum mighty fine pictures fer ya...look at this... 

and I want ta thank all of my friends in Brandy Badgers that were in & out of the B.O.A.T.  fer not only sum mighty fine music but also a truly enthrallin play called... "Ode to Old Bloodtusk - The Breeland Porxodus". 
In other words, we FINALLY got ta see " Ode ta Old Bloodtusk" that a certain hobbit lass at the Frostbluff Theater has been promisin ta show us fer years!
It was an excitin adventure!

now a brief pause...
This was a difficult announcement ta many times I started and had ta take a break as I felt a wave of sadness wash over me...

I pause here cause I need ta say a tearful farewell ta a mighty kind and generous friend who always brought a smile ta my face whenever she was there.   A fun-lovin lass that made many of us happy ta be around her fer awhile.    I consider myself lucky ta have known her.   

but I have been encouraged by the strength of Lady Lara who assures me that Wild Mill will be there on Saturday January 26 and the band will play!
The Wild Mill are feelin the loss of their good friend as they go forward without her charm, wit, and encouragement....but they will go on!

You will be missed by many, dear Infernosounds.

Now...a new year has begun ,,,,and it be time ta come t'gether fer the January OAKS wit an amazin band who will be comin ta our Shire on the back of the powerful  Gwaihir.......

I have herd this band many times bring a bit of warmth ta an audience by playin sum rockin tunes that make it impossible fer us ta not start dancin & cheerin....
so they be the perfect band fer a cold January!
Of course they also slow it down a lil bit ...sumtimes...just so we can catch our breath afore they rock out agin ...
Then the lads start edgin closer ta all them lovely ladies...
( gotta find a couple of folks ta hold onto Master Sev cause he luvs ta get as close ta them long-legged lasses as he can )
Sum gammers mite think they be a lil two skinny & could use a bit more ta eat but all have ta admit they all are very lovely...
Mighty fine lasses they be...I can tell ya they're not only beautiful on the outside but have lovely hearts as well.
It is my great pleasure ta start the new year wit the absolutely amazin WILD MILL!

Come join us in Oldfurlong the last Saturday in January at seven and a half bells in the evenin when the town square will have a wild mill      *winks*
and fer what I no will be a truly fabulous OAKS!

where:   the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads
                            ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))
when:    Saturday January 26 at seven and a half bells in the evenin
                (( 19:30 UK time / 20:30 CET / 14:30 server time ))

Warm hugs ta all,

The Songburrow Story Club

posted Jan 2, 2019, 11:19 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Pycella Woodberry 

The new year brings new things to the hobbit community: the Songburrow Story Club starts in early February. 

Date: Sunday 3rd February 
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime)) 
Location: Songburrow Hall, Songburrow, 4 Brookbank Street, Shire homesteads 

Hobbits love a good story, and you can hear many good ones at the Shire inns, told by gammers and other storytellers. But inns can be busy and loud sometimes, and some people prefer more peaceful places for storytelling. I am fond of stories, so I wanted to start a storytelling club in my home village, Songburrow. I would like to make this a recurring event (maybe a quarterly event), but that depends on how many folks are interested in participating, and how often.

What happens at the Songburrow Story Club?

The Songburrow Story Club is an open event for hobbits who love stories. You can either come as a storyteller or a listener – anyone is welcome. The meetings will be informal and relaxed, allowing folks to have free interaction with each other. However, we will have some special themes for each meeting – for example, I might ask folks to prepare a story or a poem beforehand on a particular topic. But all that is voluntary though – this is not the Homework Club, after all! Also, we might do some storytelling games, like a Round Robin Story. We might share some gossip as well. And of course, any stories and poems are welcome to this event, you don’t have to stick to the special theme nor make anything brand new for the meetings. The special themes serve merely as an inspiration for folks who’d like to write something new, but you can certainly divert from them and share something else too. If you miss the meeting, you can always share your writings at the weekly Green Dragon Fridays where stories are very much welcome.

Our first meeting will be on Sunday 3rd February starting at seven and half bells inside the Songburrow Hall. Here are the plans for our first meeting:

  • Welcome words and a toast for the new club
  • Introduction of participants, if there are new hobbits around
  • Special theme of the meeting: A story from your childhood
  • We might also have other stories, games, and gossip
  • Possible plans and ideas for the next meeting

The special theme: A story from your childhood

Our first special topic is quite simple: a story from your childhood. You can either prepare a detailed story of something that happened in your childhood or just describe the case just in a few words. The others might have questions though, so be prepared to answer their queries if needed. It would be grand to learn more of our backgrounds. Maybe you took part in some mischief in your tweens? Maybe you had an odd neighbour who you feared as a small hobbit? Did your wild imagination lead you to unexpected adventures in your own neighbourhood? Share your childhood tale as a story, a poem or just with a few words!

So, welcome all story lovers! I look forward to seeing many of you in February. Oh, and I will make sure that there will be pie for all.

((OOC: This is a roleplaying event for hobbits, although some travelling dwarves might also come and stop by. If you are a storyteller, you might find Simbo’s Poetical plugin useful. The main purpose of this event is to give us hobbits a chance to roleplay our characters, give folks inspiration to write creatively in the LOTRO setting and just have some relaxed fun together. It might be wise to keep the length of your stories reasonable, so that one story won’t take the whole evening to tell. The event itself will last about 1–1,5 hours, depending how many stories we have. Welcome all hobbit roleplayers, both old and new!))

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