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Hobbity Yule Calendar 2019

posted Oct 26, 2019, 2:47 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Pycella Woodberry 

Are you dreaming of a hobbity Yule?
Let’s make that dream come true – together!

In the past two years, the hobbits of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom kinship have put together a hobbity Yule calendar, sharing their Yule-themed pictures, recipes, songs, poems and videos to others each day from 1st to 24th December. The calendar has been quite popular, getting people into a cheerful Yule mood. So it would be lovely to organize the calendar this year as well!

This time though, we would need your help. Do you have something to add as a calendar entry? Here are some examples of entries:
  • A Yule-themed picture, LOTRO screenshot, slideshow, drawing, or a video made by you
  • A Yule poem, story, or a song
  • An introduction to a local Yule tradition you’d like to share to other hobbits
  • Your favourite Yule recipe
  • Yule decoration ideas, riddles, games…

Feel free to get creative as well! Each entry is valuable, so don’t be shy to share your stuff. For inspiration, you can take a look at the previous Yule calendars from 2017 and 2018.

Let the Quickpost deliver your entries to pycellawoodberry(a) Please send your entries as early as you can, so that the calendar preparations can be made in time. This year, the Yule calendar will be hosted as a blog, and not on the kinship forum. More information to come!

Please help us make the hobbity Yule calendar and spread cheer among hobbits and other folks!

November OAKS, Andune Ensemble presents: THE HOBBIT

posted Oct 25, 2019, 1:09 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Oct 25, 2019, 1:30 PM ]

By Acorne Oakley 

Wasnt that an awesum beginnin ta the OAKS this season?
That must surely be a fun village where all them Gallic Villagers come from....*giggles*

Ya folks had everybodee lucky enuf ta join us that nite rollin on the ground wit laughter one minute ....
then jumpin up ta dance ta yer tree-mendous music the next moment!
Thanks ta all of ya fer comin ta share a bit of yer fun & terrific tunes wit us here in Oldfurlong at the October OAKS.

As sumone said about this band..." the musicians involved in this band are among the sweetest and most enthusiastic...." of our entire music community...
and on behalf of all in the awesum audience who came ta share this evenin wit us..
thanks ta all of the Gallic Villagers fer an excitin start of the new season of OAKS...

...fer the few who sadly couldnt make it ta our October OAKS...and any who want ta enjoy it all agin...
there be Miss Leddy's drawings...  ((   ))


Fer November  ....I have convinced the truly amazin Andune Ensemble ta come ta the OAKS...

and they have a wonderful surprise fer their audience,,,
Of course ..all in Middle Earth no about Master Bilbo Baggins..often referred ta around our Shire as THE Hobbit...nevermind what Lobelia has ta say about it  *winks*
I've herd tell stories of him have even spread among the Tall Ones...
but no one seems ta no fer sure exactly where he went & and what adventures he had when he left ta go off wit a band of dwarfies and that Gandalf  ( the wizard who shares those awesum fireworks wit us )

ya hear tales about ol' Bilbo...
I went about Hobbiton once talkin ta the folks there & herd sum unbelievable stories of him..
like one where he could ride on a where he rode on a full growed horse like big where he rode on a wild bear...and one ( falls down laughin ) where he rode on one of Gandalf's fiery rockets!
Hobbits surely got good imaginations!

but if ya be like me ...ya always been wantin ta no the real...and complete.. story of ol' Bilbo Baggins' adventures
and now we can!
Andune is gonna present the FULL & HONEST tale of ....THE HOBBIT..  ( this has ta be about Bilbo Baggins dont ya think )

wit the marvelous music of Geoffri!
and... completely original lyrics written by Hollybery!!
I wood luv fer all of ya ....elufs, dwarfies, hobbits, men, women, children, bearfolk....even wizards..ta come join us in Oldfurlong fer a absolutely awesum evenin ya wont ever fergit!
when ANDUNE brings THE HOBBIT ta the OAKS
If ya be half as curious as me about what ol' Bilbo did when he was off wit that wizard and all them dwarfies....was about 17 of them I herd...and maybee them joined up wit sum elufs two... ( seems Sir Canthallion was wit them since he made such a great drawing above of ol' Bilbo holdin sum kind of Stone )
OH I can hardly wait!
I dont wanna miss a moment of this!

Where:  the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads
                 ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

When :  Saturday November 23 at eight bells in the evenin
              (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

See ya there!

warm hugs ta everybodee,

Haunted Burrow Walk

posted Oct 19, 2019, 1:32 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Oct 25, 2019, 1:29 PM ]

By Nannie   


The long summer days are quickly fading from memory as the nights start to close in. Hobbits are busy in the fields bringing in the last of the summer bounty afore the frosts start. The cupboards are starting ter fill with the many jams, pickles and chutneys that will see us through the colder months. 

At this time o' years, thoughts turns to things that make us shiver and keep the lights burning bright. I talk, of course, about the Haunted Burrow! 

Each year I've guided many a brave,and some no so brave, hobbits through it's many rooms. I dunna see why this year should be any different?

So I am inviting all those brave folks out there to join with me, fer a night of scares a plenty as we travel through the Burrow under the hill, ter emerge in the warmth of Bilbo's grand home. There as always, we will spin tales of dread and poems ter make a body shiver.

So gather yer costumes, disguise yer true self fer the ghosts will find it hard ter see ye then. Bring a tale or two ter share with us and prepare ter shiver with fear and delight!

We'll meet inside the Ivy Bush, a wee dram ter steady the nerves will be a grand idea fer some,  and walk from there!

So mark yon date! Saturday 2nd November at the chiming of 8pm((GMT, 4pm servertime))

Blessings of the Season be with ye!

Grand Order 12th Anniversary, Saturday 26 October

posted Oct 12, 2019, 8:04 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Lina Willowwood 

We've been around a hobbit's dozen years!
12 years, that means party time!
We hope to see yer there! 

The hobbits of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom have great delight in inviting our friends and acquaintances to a party of special magnificence on occasion of our 12th anniversary!

Date: Saturday October 26
Time: 7:30PM ((UK time, 2:30PM servertime))
Location: 4 Brookbank Street, Songburrow, Shire Homesteads.

A decade and then some

The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom was founded on October 9th twelve years ago. This means it is time to celebrate!

So, there will be a grand party including speeches, drinks, food, fireworks and entertainment. The kitchens in Songburrow are gearing up already, and there is sure to be a few unexpected surprises as well. Will Strollers or Badgers show up? Will there be brandy? Dancing bears? Grumpy gaffers? Games and competitions? Gifts for the guests? Perhaps! Just don't be surprised should you find some free-roaming oinkers in the village.

Welcome to good friends, neighbours and acquaintances! We hope to see you in Songburrow!


We would be delighted to extend our hospitality to the hobbits of the Shire, as well as to good friends among the dwarves and the big folk.

The event will be held IC within a RP atmosphere ((so no OOC talk, even in brackets)). Weapons and armour should not be worn within the bounds of Songburrow; please dress for a social gathering or in traveling garb. Please leave your pets at home. ))

Welcome friends!

A party invitation

posted Sep 26, 2019, 2:30 PM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Oct 12, 2019, 1:20 PM ]

By Timblewoot 

Every year, a crazy group of Hobbits called The Socks have a party, and this year is no exception. 
Although it will be Exceptional.

That goes without saying. 
Although I have just said it.

Anyway, you are unordinarily invited to a more curious than culinary feast. A feast for an odd mind rather than a belly.
There will be Four Courses.
Not Four Candles.

Starters will be a game of "Skcos" followed by an even better game of "Stah"!

The Main Course will be a wonderful play planned for your enjoyment: The Tale of Ollie Twistytoes - By Carly Diggins

Dessert will be the song "Socks Glorious Socks" / "Ore Glorious Ore" / "Fish Glorious Fish" / "Hats Glorious Devious Hats"

There will also be a second dessert - A pudding race!

We hope to see you here. Or there. Or somewhere.

Location: The Socks Kinhall (4 Myrtle Court, Shortshot)
Date: Sunday 20th OcSocktober
Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start (UK Time)
Dress Code:Highland dress, Kilts and Trews*   All hats banned in Socktober!  HATS   All hats welcome.  They will be burnt in our campfire to keep the fire hot! It is Ore that should be burnt in the fire, and used to make nice jewels to put on hats. The ore will be used to make tools, and the slag will be used to weigh down the hats when we throw them into the pond.

*  Playpen provided for all sporrans to play together

Ed.: In the past, advertisements like the one above have given rise to an increase of burglary and unauthorised editing at the Gazette's office. Hopefully we'll remain free from this this year. In your dreams , mate! The Socks rule!!

Time to climb again into the OAKS with the Gallic Villagers!

posted Sep 26, 2019, 5:05 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Acorne Oakley 


What fabulous OAKS we had last season! 
So many great bands ....such tree-mendous music! 

I want to thank all the amazin bands that came ta the OAKS....
and brought wit them such awesum music!

Thanks ta the Purple Folks ( who left us wit full pipeweed pouches & happy hearts), Polnolunie ( who paid Oldfurlong the great compliment of celebratin their fifth anniversary wit us in the Fifth season of the OAKS ), Wild Mill ( who touched all of us wit their tribute ta dear Infernos ), the Gallic Frogs ( who has us all hoppin ), Harfang ( who I sincerely hope we hear more of around the Shire ), and.....
the Brandy Badgers who brought wit them the B.O.A.T. (Badgers Orderly Acting Troupe) ta entertain us wit  a bacon-flavoured performance of the play "Ode to Old Bloodtusk"...finally we gots ta see what them folks in Frostbluff been promisin fer years!

Sadly three of our OAKS mite just have been yer last chance ta see the bands that graced the picnic table....the Misti Mountain Hobbs went back ta the Mistys & got lost in a ragin blizzard!
while A Murder of Crows flew away after their magnificent performance at the Forest of OAKS last May & who knows where they went?   certainly not me    *shrugs*
Also the breathtakin Blue Silmarils who brought ta life the enthrallin luv story of  Beren and Lúthien!
a special thanks ta all of them bands fer a truly fabulous evenin at the OAKS.... *hugs*

also...thanks bunches ta all of the awesum folks that made up the SURPRISE Megaband!
Thank you Master Bruzo fer the wonderful music *hugs*
and a special thanks ta the twenty-two wonderfully kind folks that were willin ta volunteer ta play his music along wit me & Master Bruzo..
thanks ta Agago, Anerra, Canthallion, Corulin, Fiyalka, Gennetta, Geoffri, Gerhalt, Grombine, Hollybery, Ingenue,  Lina, Lyndy, Malvy, Papa Peppy, Potty, Quinni, Radvat, Ragwort, Sigmo, Szorcha, and Master Everywhere Hooh..
It was a very great honour ta play wit so many fabulous kind & talented well as a lot of fantastic fun!
Thanks bunches!!!  *hugs hugs hugs*

* See below for a picture of that band!

Now on ta a new season of OAKS...
 I herd a brand new band when I was ridin around on the back on the great eagle Landroval last July,,,
this band really knows how ta liven up a party & git us all dancin...are!
they even taut their audience a new dance which was so much fun that several of us jumped at the chance ta dance up close ta the band wit the new "ducky" dance    *giggles*

ya're sure ta have a great time & lots of laughs when we climb the OAKS wit

the Gallic Villagers!

Here is a fabulous new band that is fun for all ages...all races....all matter if ya have a burrow in Oldfurlong or not....

Come join the party when the OAKS comes back wit the Gallic Villagers!

I bet ya even them elufs will throw off their cloaks & shoes...
 ( still dont no why they has ta cover their feets ...are their toes all pointy like their ears ? )

The Gallic Villagers will have the whole crowd laughin & dancin til the wee hours of the next mornin

where:  the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood in the Shire homesteads
                 ((Altfurch auf Deutsch / Longuevieille en français))

when :  Saturday October 12 at eight bells in the evenin
              (( 20:00 UK time / 21:00 CET / 15:00 server time ))

warm hugs ta everybodee,

The Surprise Mega band of Forest of OAKS 2019

Green Dragon Yarrr Day

posted Sep 13, 2019, 9:34 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Pycella Woodberry 

Ahoy me hobbit mateys and Shire pierates!
Time to shiver the timbers of the Green Dragon!

Date: Friday September 20
Time: 7:30PM ((UK time 2:30PM servertime))
Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, the Shire 

The autumn storms arrrr here, ‘n that means dangerous times fer all Brandywine pierate ships ‘n thar precious ale ‘n pie cargo. But no worries, me mateys. The Green Dragon provides a safe haven fer all Shire pierates on Friday 20th September! Come ‘n plunder Barmy’s ale cellar ‘n gather t’ enjoy tales, shanties, poems ‘n other shareworthy thin’s about pierates! Feel free t’ brin’ yer owns entertainment ‘n rum too! Yarrr! ‘n don’t forget t’ dress up pieratey, unless ye be a landlubber!

Yers faithfully,
Pierate Cap’n Pycella

((This will be a pirate-themed Green Dragon evening for RPing hobbits and travelling dwarves. If you wish to perform something at the event, please contact the hostess, Miss Pycella.))

Shire's got talent!!

posted Sep 7, 2019, 4:35 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Sep 21, 2019, 5:23 AM ]

By Nannie  

One night at the Green Dragon, Matzo and I were recalling the days of our youth. Of the many talented folks we knew and how they made us laugh. Which got me ter thinking, why no try ter do something like that again?  

So, this is a shout out ter all those Poets an Storytellers, ter the bands and the soloists. Can ye tell a good joke or riddle? Or maybe some of ye wants ter do a short play? All forms of entertainment are welcome!

We know you have talent, our Art's Corner proves it

As I'm looking fer a good variety of talents, I will have ter limit the number of bands and sololists
ter four in total - so first come gets the place there. Each act will have up to ten minutes ter perform.

Now the important stuff, the date! 

Saturday the 28th of September is the one ter put on yer calendar. Ah hopes ter start at 7:30pm((BST/ 2:30 server time)) The location will be finalized this week.

After much dashing around the Shire, ah think it's best ter hold it at the Methal-stage. A good open air area will do the shy folks taking part some good.

As fer judges... all will be revealed on the night.

So, come on folk what are ye waiting fer? Show us yer talents and let me know yer interest!

Twill be a grand night ter remember!

Bards Day 2019

posted Aug 26, 2019, 9:50 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush   [ updated Aug 26, 2019, 9:51 AM ]

By Lina Willowwood 

A day to remember the bards of old and the music they inspired.
Not least that grand feller Ronald Dwale.
Welcome to the annual Bards Day in the Ivy Bush Inn! 

Date: Monday September 2
Time: 7:30PM ((UK, 2:30PM servertime))
Location: Ivy Bush inn, Hobbiton, The Shire

A day to remember the writers of the tales, poems and songs we treasure today. A selection of tunes related to one of the finest writers we have seen, master Ronald Dwale.

The Brandy Badgers will perform a selection of songs and poems based on the works of master Dwale. Afterwards, the stage will be open for other bards who would like to share suitable works for the occasion.
All are welcome to come to attend the Bards Day: hobbits, dwarves, elves and men.

(( OOC details:

J.R.R. Tolkien passed away September 2nd 1973. On this date, every year since 2012, we have paid homage to him with an evening of music and poetry in the Ivy Bush, playing tunes inspired by Tolkien’s works (from the movies or adapted from his writings and poems) and reciting some of Tolkien’s poems. The main part of the concert is performed by The Brandy Badgers, the in-house music collective in the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

Given the event theme and the date, this is not a strict roleplaying event, so players of all sizes and shapes are welcome. However, we will stay in-character: Instead of speaking about Tolkien, the musicians will play songs inspired by Ronald Dwale, Tolkien’s in-game alter ego.

Although there would be many lore reasons to have the concert in the Bird and Baby, the inn is somewhat unsuitable for music. So we have moved to the Ivy Bush instead.  ))

The Badgers will perform for ca 90 minutes. Afterwards, the stage is open for anyone who would like to play a tune or recite a poem suitable for such an event.

Welcome to the Ivy Bush September 2nd!

Storynight at the Bird & Baby

posted Aug 16, 2019, 9:02 AM by Peppy Bristlebrush

By Nannie 

Just some more information regarding yon story night, a little late ah knows. Still better late than never buying a pint! 

Tis been a while now since ah last gatherer folk tergether and we told many a tale. Now ah hear tell, there's a fancy hall where hobbits will gather, but ah always delight in finding new places ter abide and listen ter folk. 

So come one come all, be ye storyteller bold, a shy poet or just wanting ter listen in good company. All are welcome, and we're meeting in the Bird and Baby Yard this Saturday (17th). Ah've been promised that food and drink will be free, so dunna worry about that.

Ah'll be there round 8pm ((BST/3pm Server time)) with a maybe some old tales or a new un. Ah hopes ter see.


And then there were these hobbits: thinking story night would not return to the Bird and Baby until Ronald Dwale returned from his travels

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